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The Orville Platt High School project was for the City of Meriden, located in Meriden, CT.

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Orville Platt

This project was part of an $88.7 million school renovation and additions project that began in the summer of 2013 in order to bring the 1958 building up to current high performance building construction standards.


This project involved the phased demolition of the school’s existing pool area and locker rooms, building separation, asbestos abatement and PCB removal in three wings of the school. Work was scheduled to be phased over a three year time frame, in order to not impact the everyday operations of the school.

Demolition Clears The Way For Progress

Demolition, properly and safely utilized, provides opportunities necessary for new infrastructure as well as renovation of existing locations.

Advantage Blasting and Demolition is licensed and authorized to perform both conventional demolition and explosive demolition projects nationwide.

Although we offer two separate divisions of demolition, by combining our resources, we're able to perform any turnkey demolition project needed.

Our goal at Advantage Blasting & Demolition is to formulate, develop & streamline (with one-on-one communication) the best options available via conventional and/or explosive demolition, a process to complete every job to our customer’s satisfaction in a safe, timely & cost efficient manner.

The use of explosives allows us to provide clients with the most effective methodology available in the industry, providing them the tools needed to bid more efficiently and with less manpower, thereby reducing work-force exposure and overall liability.