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Masontown Bridge

The Masontown Bridge consisted of 4 through truss spans, which were to be demolished with the use of explosives. The close proximity to the newly constructed 4 lane bridge running parallel to the existing bridge was of concern to the contractor. However, the blaster in charge of the job, having completed several large bridge demos with tighter constraints was able to quickly alleviated their concerns.


In addition to the bridge, 3 piers were also under contract to be imploded. The piers were drilled vertically, prior to the removal of the deck. After the drilling was completed the contractor began the deck removal. After progressing across the bridge removing the deck and stringers the contractor became concerned that the bridge was swaying (side to side movement is to be expected to some degree). At this time the contractor asked for our assistance in addressing the matter. The lead blaster and a select group of burners assisted in the completion of the deck removal and continued to prep the bridge for demolition.


On Sept. 28 2015 the structure was detonated and dropped just as planned, on time and on schedule, without incident. The piers were detonated at a later date allowing for the steel to be removed before reducing the concrete to rubble. The concrete piers were detonated on Oct, 14 2015.

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Our goal at Advantage Blasting & Demolition is to formulate, develop & streamline (with one-on-one communication) the best options available via conventional and/or explosive demolition, a process to complete every job to our customer’s satisfaction in a safe, timely & cost efficient manner.

Conventional Demolition provides a cost effective option for both the client and the environment. The majority of materials created can be recycled for future construction projects, saving landfills from being overwhelmed and allowing our environment to prosper.