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An excellent opportunity to showcase the energy unleased with engineered precision from the explosive charges placed on the bridge.

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Jonathan Hulton Bridge

The Jonathan Hulton Bridge, located in Oakmont Pennsylvania, is a 4 span bridge located over the Allegheny River.  The structure was detonated on January 26, 2016.


The lower chord of the bridge consisted of heavy I bar construction which required charges capable of cutting up to 2 inches of steel. Over 100 pounds of RDX linear shape charges were used to sever the bridge into manageable sizes. The project scope did not include blasting of the river piers.


The blasting process was completed on schedule, in six days, without incident by a crew of four.

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Advantage Blasting and Demolition is licensed and authorized to perform both explosive demolition and conventional demolition projects nationwide.

Although we offer two separate divisions of demolition, by combining our resources, we're able to perform any turnkey demolition project needed.

Our goal at Advantage Blasting & Demolition is to formulate, develop & streamline (with one-on-one communication) the best options available via conventional and/or explosive demolition, a process to complete every job to our customer’s satisfaction in a safe, timely & cost efficient manner.

Conventional Demolition provides a cost effective option for both the client and the environment. The majority of materials created can be recycled for future construction projects, saving landfills from being overwhelmed and allowing our environment to prosper.