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Explosive Demolition

When looking to reduce cost and liability on projects, Explosive Demolition can be the perfect solution. Explosive Demolition entails the use of high explosive materials to sever or disrupt a structure

intended for demolition.


The use of explosives allows contractors to achieve the greatest effect with the least amount of effort, which in the long run, reduces valuable time, expense, and exposure to the labor force.

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Structural Steel Demolition

Explosive severing of steel members with linear shape charges while reducing physical exposure.

Marine Demolition


Reduction of under-water structures to manageable sizes for removal through the use of explosives.

Aggregate and Concrete Structure Demolition 


Precise positioning of high explosives in concrete and stone structures to dislodge and fracture the structures for expedited removal.

Controlled Structural Demolition


Used in heavily populated and confined areas that don't allow for conventional methods, building implosions are considered the most technical use of explosives in the industry.

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