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Conventional Demolition

Conventional Demolition is the partial or complete dismantlement of structures such as bridges and commercial or industrial buildings (ranging from single story to multiple story high-rises, parking structures, foundations, slabs and footings) through the use of various mechanical and hydraulic machinery.

Conventional Demolition is most commonly categorized as StructuralSelect, Substructure

and Marine Demolition.   

Demolition Clears The Way For Progress

Demolition, properly and safely utilized, provides opportunities necessary for new infrastructure as well as renovation of existing locations.

Advantage Blasting & Demolition routinely & diligently works with all applicable Federal, State, Local Commissions, Agencies, Municipalities and Community Officials to prepare and secure all locations while minimizing disruptions and public exposure.

Structural Demolition 


Utilization of Hydraulic Heavy Equipment to demolish structures safely and efficiently.

Select Demolition 


Selected portion removal of structures that are to remain for renovations or restoration.

Substructure Demolition 


Removal of any structures below ground such as foundations, slabs, and footings.

Marine Demolition 


Mechanical removal of any structure on, under, or adjacent to any bodies of water.

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Norfolk Southern Bridge
Orville Platt High School
Whitetail Mine Prep Plant
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