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The Cochranton Bridge Demolition was performed for PennDot District 1, SR 173, located in Cochranton, PA

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Project Experience

Cochranton Truss Bridge

This project consisted of the removal of the existing two span truss bridge. The bridge was shut down and had to be removed because the new structure was to be constructed in the same footprint as the existing structure.


The old bridge deck and sidewalk was sawcut prior to removal. The existing bridge was prepped for demolition. This consisted of removing the deck, sidewalk, railing, sidewalk supporting steel, non-essential floor beams and stringers. This was done from east to west to allow for the removed materials to be safely hauled off the deck and disposed of accordingly.


Span 1 of the bridge had to be supported and removed in two pieces due to the limited access to the structure. Temporary bents where installed and the truss was separated and lifted by crane and placed on shore for processing.


Span 2 was demolished conventionally from a temporary causeway utilizing hydraulic excavators with both a grapple and third member shear.


The river pier was demolished utilizing the temporary causeway and a hydraulic excavator with a 10,000 lb. hammer.


All materials generated from the demolition where recycled.

Demolition Clears The Way For Progress

Demolition, properly and safely utilized, provides opportunities necessary for new infrastructure as well as renovation of existing locations.

Advantage Blasting and Demolition is licensed and authorized to perform both conventional demolition and explosive demolition projects nationwide.

Although we offer two separate divisions of demolition, by combining our resources, we're able to perform any turnkey demolition project needed.

Our goal at Advantage Blasting & Demolition is to formulate, develop & streamline (with one-on-one communication) the best options available via conventional and/or explosive demolition, a process to complete every job to our customer’s satisfaction in a safe, timely & cost efficient manner.

The use of explosives allows us to provide clients with the most effective methodology available in the industry, providing them the tools needed to bid more efficiently and with less manpower, thereby reducing work-force exposure and overall liability.